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 From Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

 ET&C Perspective

The Challenge: Prioritization of emerging pollutants
Werner Brack


From Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 

Offshore Platform Decommissioning in California

Evaluating alternatives for decommissioning California's offshore oil and gas platforms
Brock B Bernstein

Decision framework for platform decommissioning in California
Brock B Bernstein

A costing model for offshore decommissioning in California
Andrew Bressler and Brock B Bernstein

Air emissions associated with decommissioning California's offshore oil and gas platforms
Peter Cantle and Brock Bernstein

Considerations in evaluating potential socioeconomic impacts of offshore platform decommissioning in California
Sarah A Kruse, Brock Bernstein and Astrid J Scholz

Modeling fish production for southern California's petroleum platforms
Daniel J Pondella II, Laurel A Zahn, Milton S Love, David Siegel and Brock B Bernstein

A multi-attribute decision analysis for decommissioning offshore oil and gas platforms
Max Henrion, Brock Bernstein and Surya Swamy


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