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Editors Allen Burton (ET&C) and Rick Wenning (IEAM) cordially invite senior editors, editorial board members, authors and reviewers – or anyone interested in getting more involved with publishing – for a drink at an informal reception Monday, 2 November at 6:30PM in Room 255A at the SETAC North America 36th Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City.



Featured Articles

 From Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry


Omics for aquatic ecotoxicology: Control of extraneous variability to enhance the analysis of environmental effects
Denina BD Simmons, Jonathan P Benskin, John R Cosgrove, Bernard P Duncker, Drew R Ekman, Christopher J Martyniuk and James P Sherry

From Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 

LCA Case Study Symposium 2013

Life cycle assessment in market, research, and policy: Harmonization beyond standardization
Alessandra Zamagni and Laura Cutaia

Beyond the throwaway society: A life cycle-based assessment of the environmental benefit of reuse
Valentina Castellani, Serenella Sala and Nadia Mirabella

Social life cycle assessment and participatory approaches: A methodological proposal applied to citrus farming in Southern Italy
Anna Irene De Luca, Nathalie Iofrida, Alfio Strano, Giacomo Falcone and Giovanni Gulisano

Comparative attributional life cycle assessment of annual and perennial lignocellulosic feedstocks production under Mediterranean climate for biorefinery framework

Amalia Zucaro, Annachiara Forte, Massimo Fagnano, Simone Bastianoni, Riccardo Basosi and Angelo Fierro

Development and testing of a European Union-wide farm-level carbon calculator

Hanna L Tuomisto, Camillo De Camillis, Adrian Leip, Luigi Nisini, Nathan Pelletier and Palle Haastrup

Product environmental footprint in policy and market decisions: Applicability and impact assessment

Annekatrin Lehmann, Vanessa Bach and Matthias Finkbeiner

Prospective time-resolved LCA of fully electric supercap vehicles in Germany
Benedikt M Zimmermann, Hanna Dura, Manuel J Baumann and Marcel R Weil

Life cycle assessment of innovative technology for energy production from automotive shredder residue
Caterina Rinaldi, Paolo Masoni, Fabio Salvati and Pietro Tolve



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