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Expanded Focus in ET&C

After thoughtful discussion, the editors at ET&C have decided to expand the scope of the material published to include "remediation and restoration" and "human health from environmental exposure." These topics are frequent sessions at SETAC meetings, and submissions to the journal in both areas have been increasing, which indicates a growing interest in the SETAC community. Subsequently, the consensus was that this offers a new avenue for journal growth and development. Visit for details about the expansion. 


Featured Articles


From Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

Impact of environmentally based chemical hardness on uranium speciation and toxicity in six aquatic species
Richard R. Goulet, Patsy A. Thompson, Kerrie C. Serben and Curtis V. Eickhoff

From Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management

SF Box—A tool for evaluating the effects on soil functions in remediation projects
Yevheniya Volchko, Jenny Norrman, Lars Rosén and Tommy Norberg



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