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The SETAC Reviewer Rewards Program is here!


SETAC is thrilled to launch this new program that rewards reviewers for all their hard work.

For details on the program see the link below.

Reviewer Rewards Program


Featured Articles

 From Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

Increase in mercury in Pacific yellowfin tuna
Paul E Drevnick, Carl H Lamborg and Martin J Horgan

Read the research making headlines in the LA Times, the SF Gate, Newsweek and more!

L.A. Times

News Week

S.F. Gate

From Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management

IEAM is thrilled to feature its current Special Series: Ecological Risk Assessment for Residual Coal Fly Ash at Watts Bar Reservoir, Tennessee.

  • Walls et al. Ecological risk assessment for residual coal fly ash at Watts Bar Reservoir, Tennessee: Site setting and problem formulation
  • Rigg et al. Assessing Ecological Risks to the Fish Community from Residual Coal Fly Ash in Watts Bar Reservoir, Tennessee
  • Buys et al. Ecological risk assessment for residual coal fly ash at Watts Bar Reservoir, Tennessee: Limited alteration of riverine-reservoir benthic invertebrate community following dredging of ash-contaminated sediment
  • Stojak et al. Evaluation of metals, metalloids, and ash mixture toxicity using sediment toxicity testing
  • Meyer et al. Evaluating risks to wildlife from coal fly ash incorporating recent advances in metals risk assessment
  • Walls et al. Effects of Coal Fly Ash on Tree Swallow Reproduction in Watts Bar Reservoir, Tennessee
  • Carriker et al. Application of Ecological Risk Assessment in Managing Residual Fly Ash in TVA’s Watts Bar Reservoir, Tennessee



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