Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

Virtual Issues

Virtual Issue - Nashville Special Sessions
In line with the SETAC Nashville 2013 conference, this IEAM Virtual Issue was put together to tie in with the Special Symposia which took place at the SETAC North America Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee (17-21 November, 2013). Read the latest Virtual Issue.

Critical Reviews
We've compiled ET&C's critical reviews from over the years, which are free to all. Read this Virtual Issue.

Nuclear Accidents: Chernobyl Revisited
This virtual issue on the ecological effects of radiation and hazardous materials in the environment focused on the Chernobyl accident is being published by SETAC as a freely accessible resource to inform public and private sectors on the potential impacts of the March 11 earthquake, tsunami, and subsequent nuclear accident in Fukushima, Japan. Read the Virtual Issue.

Oil Spills: The Exxon Valdez and other Environmental Impacts
This virtual issue on the 1989 oil spill of the Exxon Valdez in Prince William Sound, Alaska is being published by SETAC/Wiley-Blackwell as a resource to enhance informed decision-making in the public and private sectors on the environmental effects of the 20 April oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Read the Virtual Issue.



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