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Oil/Hydrocarbon Toxicology

Toxicity of dispersed weathered crude oil to early life stages of Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus)
Stephen McIntosh, Tom King, Dongmei Wu, Peter V. Hodson

Specific in vitro toxicity of crude and refined petroleum products. 1. Aryl hydrocarbon receptor - mediated responses
Cozmina M. Vrabie, Michiel T. O. Jonker, Albertinka J. Murk

Validation of the target lipid model for toxicity assessment of residual petroleum constituents: Monocyclic and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Joy A. McGrath, Dominic M. Di Toro

Relating biomarkers to whole-organism effects using species sensitivity distributions: A pilot study for marine species exposed to oil
Mathijs G. D. Smit, Renee K. Bechmann, A. Jan Hendriks, Arnfinn Skadsheim, Bodil K. Larsen, Thierry Baussant, Shaw Bamber, Steinar Sanni

Predicting survival of grass shrimp (Palaemonetes pugio) exposed to naphthalene, fluorene, and dibenzothiophene
Michael A. Unger, Michael C. Newman, George G. Vadas

The role of biomarkers to assess oil-contaminated sediment quality using toxicity tests with clams and crabs
Carmen Morales-Caselles, María Laura Martín-Díaz, Inmaculada Riba, Carmen Sarasquete, Tomás Ángel Del Valls

Temporal and spatial variation in solar radiation and photo-enhanced toxicity risks of spilled oil in Prince William Sound, Alaska, USA
Mace G. Barron, Deborah Vivian, Susan H. Yee, Steve A. Diamond

Predicting survival of grass shrimp (Palaemonetes pugio) during ethylnaphthalene, dimethylnaphthalene, and phenanthrene exposures differing in concentration and duration
Michael A. Unger, Michael C. Newman, George G. Vadas

Cellular physiological effects of the MV Kyowa violet fuel-oil spill on the hard coral, Porites lobata
Craig A. Downs, Robert H. Richmond, Woon Jaye Mendiola, Luc Rougée, Gary K. Ostrande

Alteration of normal cellular profiles in the scleractinian coral (Pocillopora damicornis) following laboratory exposure to fuel oil
Luc Rougée, Craig A. Downs, Robert H. Richmond, Gary K. Ostrander

Predicting single and mixture toxicity of petrogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons to the copepod Oithona davisae
Carlos Barata, Albert Calbet, Enric Saiz, Laura Ortiz, Josep Maria Bayona

Comparative toxicity of oil, dispersant, and oil plus dispersant to several marine species
Chris Fuller, James Bonner, Cheryl Page, Andrew Ernest, Thomas McDonald, Susanne McDonald

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon levels in mussels from Prince William Sound, Alaska, USA, document the return to baseline conditions
Paul D. Boehm, David S. Page, John S. Brown, Jerry M. Neff, William A. Burns

Photoenhanced toxicity of aqueous phase and chemically dispersed weathered Alaska North Slope crude oil to Pacific herring eggs and larvae
Mace G. Barron, Mark G. Carls, Jeffrey W. Short, Stanley D. Rice

Development and application of an oil toxicity and exposure model, OilToxEx
Deborah P. French-McCay

Bioaccumulation of polycyclic aromatic compounds: 1. Bioconcentration in two marine species and in semipermeable membrane devices during chronic exposure to dispersed crude oil
Thierry Baussant, Steinar Sanni, Grete Jonsson, Arnfinn Skadsheim, Jan Fredrik Børseth

Bioaccumulation of polycyclic aromatic compounds: 2. Modeling bioaccumulation in marine organisms chronically exposed to dispersed oil
Thierry Baussant, Steinar Sanni, Arnfinn Skadsheim, Grete Jonsson, Jan Fredrik Børseth, Bertrand Gaudebert

Effects of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons on expression of cyp1a in salmon (Salmo salar) following experimental exposure and after the Braer oil spill
Ronald M. Stagg, Jan Rusin, Mary E. McPhail, Alistair D. McIntosh, Colin F. Moffat, John A. Craft

Experimental oiling of sanderlings (Calidris alba): Behavior and weight changes
Joanna Burger, Nellie Tsipoura

Ecotoxicology of tropical marine ecosystems
Esther C. Peters, Nancy J. Gassman, Julie C. Firman, Robert H. Richmond, Elizabeth A. Power

Impact of petroleum pollution on aquatic coastal ecosystems in Brazil
Eduardo Mendes Da Silva, Marlene Campos Peso-Aguiar, Maria De Fátima Teixeira Navarro, Carla De Barros E Azevedo Chastinet

Phototoxicity of individual polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and petroleum to marine invertebrate larvae and juveniles
Marguerite C. Pelletier, Robert M. Burgess, Kay T. Ho, Anne Kuhn, Richard A. McKinney, Stephan A. Ryba

Leukoproliferative response of splenocytes from english sole (Pleuronectes vetulus) exposed to chemical contaminants
Mary R. Arkoosh, Ethan Clemons, Paul Huffman, Herb R. Sanborn, Edmundo Casillas, John E. Stein

Uptake and depuration of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from sediment by the zebrafish (Brachydanio Rerio)
J. E. Djomo, P. Garrigues, J. F. Narbonne

Effects of an oil production effluent on gametogenesis and gamete performance in the purple sea urchin (Strongylocentrotus purpuratus stimpson)
Paul R. Krause

Synchronous fluorometric measurement of metabolites of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the bile of brown bullhead
Edith L. C. Lin, Susan M. Cormier, Richard N. Racine

Comparative effects of oil dispersants to the early life stages of topsmelt (Atherinops affinis) and kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera)
Michael M Singer, Saji George, Susan Jacobson, Ina Lee, Ronald S Tjeerdema, Michael L Sowby

Effects of freshwater petroleum contamination on amphibian hatching and metamorphosis
Patricia Ann Mahaney

Bile fluorescence and some early biological effects in fish as indicators of pollution by xenobiotics
Smiljana Britvi, Davor Luci, Branko Kurelec

Effects of chemical contaminants on blood chemistry of teleost fish: A bibliography and synopsis of selected effects
Leroy C. Folmar

Ecotoxicology and wetland ecosystems: Current understanding and future needs
W. James Catallo

Of measured risks: The environmental impacts of the Prudhoe Bay, alaska, oil field
Alan W. Maki

Decreased survival of rainbow trout exposed to no. 2 fuel oil caused by sublethal preexposure
B. L. Steadman, W. A. Stubblefield, T. W. Lapoint, H. L. Bergman, M. S. Kaiser

Assessing the toxicity of freshwater sediments
G. Allen Burton Jr

Effects of spiked exposure to an oil dispersant on the early life stages of four marine species
Michael M. Singer, Deborah L. Smalheer, Ronald S. Tjeerdema, Michael Martin

An in situ study on the distribution, biotransformation and flux of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (pahs) in an aquatic food chain (seston-Mytilus edulis L.-Somateria mollissima L.) from the baltic: An ecotoxicological perspective
Dag Broman, Carina Näuf, Ivar Lundbergh, Yngve Zebühr

Toxicokinetics of PAHs in Hexagenia
Guy R. Stehly, Peter F. Landrum, Christina Klemm, Mary G. Henry

Measuring the acute toxicity of estuarine sediments
Theodore H. Dewitt, Richard C. Swartz, Janet O. Lamberson

Environmental impact of an aviation kerosene spill on stream water quality in cambria county, Pennsylvania
Patrick D. Guiney, Jan L. Sykora, George Keleti

Toxicity of used drilling fluids to mysids (Mysidopsis Bahia)
Charles T. Gaetz, Richard Montgomery, Thomas W. Duke

Bioconcentration of naphthalene in tissues of the white mullet (Mugil curema)
Manuel Correa, Barney J. Venables

The effect of naphthalene on oxygen consumption and hemoglobin concentration in Chironomus attenuatus and on oxygen consumption and life cycle of Tanytarsus dissimilis
Roy G. Darville, Jerry L. Wilhm

Effect of naphthalene on the hemolymph ion concentrations of Chironomus attenuatus and the possible mode of action
H. James Harmon, Mark R. Sanborn, Roy G. Darville, Jerry L. Wilhm


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