IEAM Virtual Issue: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Sustainability, October 2012


Human-toxicological effect and damage factors of carcinogenic and noncarcinogenic chemicals for life cycle impact assessment
Mark A.J. Huijbregts, Linda J.A. Rombouts, Ad M.J. Ragas and Dik van de Meent

Application of life cycle thinking in multidisciplinary multistakeholder contexts for cross-sectoral planning and implementation of sustainable development projects
Lanka Thabrew, Robert Ries

Including impacts of particulate emissions on marine ecosystems in life cycle assessment: The case of offshore oil and gas production
Karin Veltman, Mark AJ Huijbregts, Henrik Rye, and Edgar G. Hertwich

Life cycle assessment in management, product and process design, and policy decision making: A conference report
Joyce Cooper, Bruce Vigon, Mary Ann Curran, and Bill Franklin

Including ecotoxic impacts on warm-blooded predators in life cycle impact assessment
Laura Goldsteijn, Rosalie van Zelm, Karin Veltman, Gijs Musters, A Jan Hendriks, and Mark AJ Huijbregts

Life cycle assessment-driven selection of industrial ecology strategies
Fulvio Ardente, Maurizio Cellura, Valerio Lo Brano, and Marina Mistretta

Uncertainty in msPAF-based ecotoxicological effect factors for freshwater ecosystems in life cycle impact assessment
Rosalie van Zelm, Mark AJ Huijbregts, Jasper V Harbers, Arjen Wintersen, Japp Strujis, Leo Posthuma, and Dik van de Meent

Multidisciplinary life cycle metrics and tools for green buildings
Jennifer F Helgeson, Barbara C Lippiatt

Evaluating the relevance of seasonal differentiation of human health intake fractions in life cycle assessment
Rima Manneh, Manuele Margni and Louise Deschênes

A streamlined sustainability assessment tool for improved decision making in the urban water industry
Matthias Schulz, Michael D Short, and Gregory M Peters

Nanotechnologies: Tools for sustainability in a new wave of water treatment processes
Jean- Yves Bottero, Jerome Rose, and Mark Robert Wiesner

Toward sustainability: A case study demonstrating transdisciplinary learning through the selection and use of indicators in a decision-making process
Cynthia Stahl, Alan Cimorelli, Christine Mazzarella, and Bill Jenkins


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